What we do

Leveraging proprietary technology combined with proven, traditional recruitment techniques, we match the right professionals to the organizations that will help them shine.

How we do it

Our search process has delivered spectacular results to top technology, creative, medical, healthcare and corporate industry firms all over the United States as well as Internationally. With decades of experience in executive search, we identify and deliver the best talent available.


First, we take the time to get to know you, your company culture, team culture and to under-stand exactly what your staffing requirements are. Our recruitment professionals are all highly qualified in the industries they represent, offering a superior level of insight into your specific niche. We work tirelessly to ensure that each candidate we shortlist is fully screened using a rigorous internal vetting process designed to eliminate surprises and ensure that not a moment of your time is wasted.


There is nothing that can replace a face-to-face interview. We do this whenever it permits. Fol-lowing the screening process, clients who live in an area that is local to one of our locations are invited to meet with our team. For those who live outside of the area, we meet virtually, via a video conferencing technology. Each industry specialty has a designated account manager who is the key contact in each candidate’s final review. Having in-depth knowledge about what is at stake, as well as a comprehensive understanding of industry trends, helps us to verify the can-didate’s skillsets. It also facilitates our final determination of qualification. Only the most quali-fied candidates are shortlisted for your consideration


When we arrive at the offer stage, we advocate on behalf of the client as well as the candidate. We need to ensure that our clients are making sound and informed hiring decisions, and take as much time as is necessary making sure that we are meeting or exceeding your needs. It is be-cause of this personal touch that Executec has such a high rate of retention and customer satis-faction.


Executec is your recruiting partner for life. Even after the on-boarding process is complete, we are still on the clock. We follow up with both parties on a regular basis to ensure that expectations are being met, offers are still in place and commitments are being honored. We believe in long-term relationships, and will never rest until we are confident that our partnership has been a success.


Once we have identified what we consider to be top talent in our core industries, we conduct a thorough screening to ensure that we know absolutely everything about the candidate. Our screening process is complex and thorough, covering issues such as skill level assessment, salary history, location and past job performance. Using the latest personal evaluation techniques and skills appraisal software, we develop a detailed profile of each candidate.


Executec requires a minimum of three professional references to be submitted at their inter-view. We reach out personally to each reference to ensure that our candidate is representing themselves professionally before we present you with their credentials.


We know how valuable your time is, and want to ensure that not a moment is wasted inter-viewing a candidate that isn’t suitable for your needs. What you can expect from us: a shortlist of candidates that we feel are a great fit, not only for the job but for your company culture, team culture and your vision of the future. We have high expectations of our candidates, and guarantee that each potential hire that we present to you will be fully prepared for their time with you. When they arrive at your office they will know as much about you and your company as you do about them, so you can dispense with the small talk and get straight down to busi-ness. We follow up every meeting with each client and candidate individually, to ensure that both parties are comfortable with the process and confident about the opportunities that are on the table.