P. Ashley

"Executec has an excellent ability to understand the needs of the facility and match that with the physician is right on target. It has been a great experience for us and a very positive reflection on Executec Recruiters. We are looking forward to future successes!"

Ted Charron

"As usual, its all about the relationship you establish with your recruiter. My recruiter took the time to learn about our company and our requirements. After reviewing our job specification, she still asked a lot of questions and that lead to my getting only quality candidates to interview. Just about everyone she sent to me was someone I ended up making an offer to. This made the recruiting process very effective for me in terms of my time. Executec Recruiters was a pleasure to work with!"

Jay LaCourt

"Executec Recruiters is always the first recruiter that I call when I have a high level position to fill. Executec Recruiters always has our best interest in mind. Regardless of how far into the process we are and how much we like a candidate, if something negative is discovered about a candidate it is communicated to us immediately and in an unbiased manner I have been working with Executec Recruiters for many years and regardless of the changes that we have made, they have always been able to supply us with qualified candidates that fit our needs. Executec Recruiters is by far the most comprehensive recruiter that I have worked with. From understanding my specific needs for a position to supplying a qualified candidate to reference checking, they have always done an outstanding job.

Noralee Severns

I would like to thank you for helping us fill our audit position. I am amazed and very pleased at the quick results. I really enjoyed working with you. You are so timely in your response to me, your questions were appropriate and when the candidates were not quite right you knew just what to do next! I look forward to continuing our relationship. I'm sure you will find many qualified candidates for us. THANKS SO MUCH!!"

Donna Cottrell

"Executec Recruiters has been a asset to the Personal Lines Department at USI when we have needed a position filled"

Gerry Ditsler Nationwide Insurance

I have been happy with Executec Recruiters services and your standing behind your services as well. We obtained 2 outstanding folks thru your facility and one whom did not work out due severe personal problems, but you worked to replace her and were very fair .

Andrew Spargo

"Working with you is a pleasure. You are very professional, prompt and thorough."

TB Services Houston, TX

"The IT Director you provided is exceeding our expectations. Thanks for providing us with a candidate of his caliber."

Donna E. Capital Management, MD.

Debbie, Thanks for all the very qualified candidates you sent. I don't know how you find them – you must have an incredible network and a powerful database. We anticipate more new hires as our company grows – you will be the first recruiter I contact.

John S. Watt Vice President John Galt Co.

"Our recruiting results with Executec have been excellent. They made the effort to find candidates that possessed the skills we desired rather than just supplying candidates hoping to fill a position. Many recruiting firms send job hoppers, Executec supplied career minded folks we can develop."

J. Weiss

"Executec has been attentive, shown excellent follow through and was responsive to our needs and requests in the most professional manner. My Consultant was very professional in handling negotiations and provided fantastic customer service. Extremely satisfied and will definitely be using you again . "

The Beacon Group, Inc.

"We would like to thank Executec for all their help with our employment needs. We have had the opportunity of interviewing a number of qualified candidates and have successfully found quality employees through your service. We have enjoyed our service relationship with Executec and would be happy to use your agency for any future employment needs."

J. Vincent

" Over the past couple of years, we have worked with several physician recruitment firms. Executec Recruiters has provided us with the most qualified physicians and nurses. They have been extremely responsive in helping us to bring the negotiations to closure. Their experience and professionalism are exemplary within the recruitment industry. Definitely one of the best recruiters I have ever worked with."

Nancy Young

"I am the person who oversees recruiting for a company of approximatley 250 employees. Finding an organization like Executec Recruiters with a Senior Executive Recruiter like you; turned out to be an invaluable resource. Your professionalism and willingness to work this through with me was outstanding. Thanks for your hard work and perseverance and look forward to working with you again!"

J. Hawkins

" [We] own and operate 121 hospitals across the U.S. We have contracts with over 100 contingency firms, and year after year Executec Recruiters is consistently one of the very best."

H. Thomas

"I appreciate the fact that you only send well screened, professional physicians who are anticipating my phone call. Several agencies were working our Primary Care needs, but Executec Recruiters ultimately presented the two best physicians so we hired them both. Thanks again."